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Receiving Gifts

Last week, after all these years, I finally unwrapped the mystery of why gifts are not the way to this girl’s heart. It happened as I was explaining the five languages of love to a friend, while getting to know … Continue reading

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Breathe Again

Listening to Breathe Again by Sara Bareilles took me right back to when I first walked away from him. I wasn’t so sure I’d ever breathe again without that deep seering pain, but I needed to leave so badly, it … Continue reading

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Torn Between Aches

I had to leave; It was time to go. I didn’t make it far, just a few miles down the road, when the ache set in. Because I could, I turned around and went back, indulging in a little more. … Continue reading

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Hard Squeeze

If you hold something loosely, it may not stay where you hope it will; you are so right about that. But the more you squeeze it, in an attempt to keep it where you want it, the more likely it … Continue reading

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Fast Eddie at the Flower Shop

Poor Fast Eddie. She was unique and beautiful, and he fell in love immediately. You couldn’t miss that he had…he made no bones about it. “Wanna have a ball?” He wagged enthusiastically, and showed her his bright green ball. But … Continue reading

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