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You can change everything about you, but nothing you change will ever change anything for me. ~ cj 2011.10.26

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Welcome, Sweet Friend

It’s been a long battle, and I’ve watched you suffer at the hands of the heartless while you fought to reclaim me. I’ve been here, cheering you on, while you conquered demons that stampeded without warning from your past right … Continue reading

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MY New Life

I started a new life on 2011.01.01 I started MY new life on 2011.09.18 (at 9:10 am)

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What I Have To Show

Since I broke up with you, I’ve been going through my house, removing all the piles, rearranging the furniture and everything else I own. I’ve made more progress in the month since I walked away from you, than I’ve made … Continue reading

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That Difference Mattered

My heart burned because we were so different in all the ways that mattered to me… while you burned all our possibilities focusing on differences that didn’t matter to me at all. That difference mattered. ~ cj 2011.10.14

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She Let Go

SHE LET GO She let go. Without a thought or word, she let go. She let go of the fear. She let go of the judgments. She let go of the confluence of opinions swarming around her head. She let … Continue reading

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Mean by Taylor Swift

I love the tune, and the lyrics are perfect for where my head is at right now. 🙂 I made a page with the video and lyrics: Mean by Taylor Swift (video and lyrics) Here’s my favorite part of the … Continue reading

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Relationship Addiction

This information came from a site called Relationship Addiction. I’ll blog and write more about this soon. For now, I think it’s important to put this out here, in case it resonates with you. Modeling has been shown to be … Continue reading

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Dear Mr. Perfect

You had everything right… brains, education, resources, privilege, possessions, position, and charm enough to convince the world from a distance, and for awhile me, that you had everything right. When I got close, though, I couldn’t help but see everything … Continue reading

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Criminal by Britney Spears

I just can’t even begin to express how I feel about this song and an important conversation I had last night. Click on this page to see the video and the lyrics: Criminal – Britney Spears

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Hey look! The sun is up The day is new Fifteen minutes passed And no thought of you. The End. ~ cj 2011.10.06

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No More

Since we met I’ve never said no to you, even when no would have freed me. I’ve looked away trapped in silence, no answer, shrugged. I bit my lip which you saw, and my tongue, so you couldn’t. I’ve said … Continue reading

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With all my heart I hope you love that man enough to pay back what you’ve stolen from him You held him tight while you were holding another extracting a promise that he’d deny his own nobility in exchange for … Continue reading

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