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Her skin,  so much softer  and thinner  than she would have  preferred to discover  protecting her heart,  tore just a little,  bled just a little,  when the sharp edged blade  of his impatience  cut into her. Its salty stinging sliced … Continue reading

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Perfectly Beautiful Bellies

I found a site some time ago where women uploaded pictures of their bellies. Those women and those bellies had held life and lived life. And those women, by uploading those pictures, were somewhere on the path of learning how … Continue reading

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My Heart (felt) Manifesto

I am your heart, and I love you dearly. You can feel me in your chest nearly all the time. I beat like crazy when you run. I know I wake you with panic often in the night. I soar … Continue reading

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Everywhere I Go

Everywhere I go, I go with my whole heart. It always lets me know it’s right by my side. Sometimes it screams when I’ve burned it raw And other times it makes me fly. But scream or soar, I will … Continue reading

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Hands Down

I do have strong hands They take care of me They watch out for others. They play music With or without an instrument. They express my thoughts They make a point, And write a poem. They hold onto life And … Continue reading

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