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I Am Her Master

This isn’t a poem. It’s not even an essay, really. I haven’t written much lately, because I knew if I did, my tears would cloud my vision, and my whole chest would clench into a ball. I knew it would … Continue reading

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Fast Eddie at the Flower Shop

Poor Fast Eddie. She was unique and beautiful, and he fell in love immediately. You couldn’t miss that he had…he made no bones about it. “Wanna have a ball?” He wagged enthusiastically, and showed her his bright green ball. But … Continue reading

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whenever she’s awake, she’s watching… sometimes out there but usually me. if I move, she follows and brings her sister with. if I pay attention, she leans into me and loves back.  I wonder what she’s thinking;  she never says … Continue reading

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Haley Bailey

you were so close in my dream! i just got to pet you, you can’t imagine the thrill or the comfort and although i could never quite look in your gold eyes i picked you up and held you close … Continue reading

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it’s raining and it’s my heart’s desire as it has always been to protect you even now when it’s far too late so i rush out to your grave to cover it in plastic i put rocks on it to … Continue reading

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