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I Will Miss

I will miss The hikes that would have left us breathless, under the dark skies our eyes would have adjusted to; the planes we might have boarded, to exciting destinations eagerly awaiting our arrival. I’ll miss the pictures we wanted … Continue reading

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Never Ever

No one gets to treat me like you did, again, and over again. Not even, especially not, never, ever again, you. ~ cj 2015.02.18

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Sublime transports the night time on criss-cross clouds, to a pastel platform of peachy pink, suspending time for just a moment to gather the sun and leave darkness where I stand waiting, anticipating it’s serenely blushing arrival, both of us … Continue reading

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I sigh when I’m soothed, so softly satisfied. I sigh, pulling in needed breath to ready for what’s next. Or I sigh to shake away what I don’t need anymore, and maybe just never did. I sigh when I’m smiling; … Continue reading

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