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Staying Still In Front Of A Hill

I am staying still in the dark silence, alone, looking at nothing but an up hill, covered by an empty sky. After so much disappointment, I am not sure I believe anymore what I’ve always believed; that what matters, what’s … Continue reading

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Mean Teachers

The most meaningful lessons I’ve learned from mean teachers are the ones they didn’t mean to teach me. ~ cj 2014.03.14

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My Man In The Moon

What I felt when I took this photo is still with me when I look at it now. First thing in the morning, the sun was rising while the full moon was setting. The sunrise was beautiful to be sure, … Continue reading

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Consuming Moments

The darkness consumed the last light of the day yesterday, as it exited in a mass of fiery yellow-orange clouds. The color spread everywhere across the sky, eventually turning pink, and then grey, while I captured what I could with … Continue reading

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Bird of Paradise

A bird of paradise solar-powered light was one of the first things I bought when I reclaimed my garden, a particularly painful place for me. For several years, I avoided it because it made my heart ache and caused me … Continue reading

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Magnetically Drawn To Sharing

I am finding myself magnetically drawn to sharing pictures I took on Saturday evening of the two accidents I was trapped by, for an hour, on I-10. I want to share my thoughts on this magnetic, somewhat morbid, urge, although … Continue reading

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Blossoming Into Themselves

All this unique beauty in these flowers, growing in the wild, blooming in the woods. If I hadn’t come by, it’s likely as not, no one would have noticed them. If I hadn’t been watching, who would have taken their … Continue reading

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You treated me as if who I truly was didn’t exist so completely that who I truly was stopped existing when I was with you. When I left, you still treated me as if I didn’t exist so completely that … Continue reading

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