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The Elements & Result of Upset

********************** UPSET Three things create upset: Thwarted intentions, unfulfilled expectations and undelivered communications. All three are almost always present, but one of them is usually senior. When upset is present, the result is a drop in the level of participation … Continue reading

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Bad Ass Beautiful Thank You!

Over the course of the past few months, we’ve arranged, prepared, planned, packed for, sweated over, worried about, discussed, imagined, counted on, wondered, wished and dreamed for this weekend that just happened; the weekend when 9 bad ass beautiful women … Continue reading

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Lasting Peace and Strength

When you don’t like something about yourself or in your world… you can work to change it, learn to accept it, or attempt to control it. Acceptance will bring you lasting peace. Change will bring you lasting strength. Control may … Continue reading

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This Is MY Game

This is MY game. I CHOOSE my moves, and I make them. I will not roll over, stand by, or step aside. I am filled with confidence, certainty, and energy. I am fully focused on my envisioned outcome. I am … Continue reading

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Respectfully Walking Away

How do you walk away from someone that can’t be a part of your world anymore? Part of our journey is finding “the new”, making new friends, getting new jobs, buying new homes, new things. But as much of our … Continue reading

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A First Hello

And there you were already saying a first hello exactly on time before I was quite ready. You were everything and nothing like my wild mind had imagined you to be. And now that we’ve said a first goodbye, I … Continue reading

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