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Carrying The Weight of The Truth

I found the post below the line on Facebook today. I have no hope you’ll see this, and maybe that’s for the best. I do not want anything from you, and perhaps avoiding the truth makes carrying on easier… although … Continue reading

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Beautiful Blue

There she is, vaguely bathed in beautiful blue light. She calls out to me, a lover in the dark, promising to soothe me if I sit down and slide my fingers over her. I do as she asks. how could … Continue reading

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Understanding why someone is upset doesn’t obligate you to be their target. ~ cj 2012.04.16 Picture taken from Flicker – Jim-in-times-square

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Life Blooms Again

I walked outside with my eyes and my heart open to discover that In spite of all the neglect and death I’ve been focused on around here, my flowers bloomed again, the hummingbirds came back to drink sweet nectar, Sarge … Continue reading

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Ego vs. Wisdom

I’ve reached that place in my life where my level of wisdom has bypassed the size of my ego. This allows me to see that I have something extraordinary to teach the world, while simultaneously realizing I have an extraordinary … Continue reading

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Perfectly Beautiful Bellies

I found a site some time ago where women uploaded pictures of their bellies. Those women and those bellies had held life and lived life. And those women, by uploading those pictures, were somewhere on the path of learning how … Continue reading

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Promise Me

Promise me if I wash my hands my hair my body that shirt those sheets this blanket promise me I’m not washing away the last of you from my life. ~ cj 2012.04.04 Flickr picture from rachelandrew

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A True Friend

A true friend is someone you can share the WHOLE laugh with. ~ cj 2012.04.04

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Every spring for many years now, a red cardinal I call Thud shows up on my back deck. He perches on a chair or an empty pot, stares for awhile, as if thinking… …and then relentlessly and repeatedly slams into … Continue reading

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