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Whole Enough

I am not whole in the way I view you to be. I cannot yet sit still and allow simply being to wash over me. Although I can, I do not like to stand on my own, isolated, uncomfortable, alone. … Continue reading

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That Was Easy

Such a simple answer to the coldness on that side of the bed. I have a heated mattress pad. This morning it occurred to me to switch that side of it on, and then slide my hand over there, imagining … Continue reading

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Click to see short video clip of blue sky, white cloud, tree-filled stills. It’s easy for me to be brave, when my chin is up, and I’m looking at the sky. ~ cj 2014.02.02

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Blown away by the moment this breeze blew through. ~ cj 2014.02.02 (photo taken on 2014.01.31)

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