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Protected: I Hate These Moments

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Lightning Bolt Reminder

There I was, on my back deck last night, commenting to the sky about the lack of a visible moonrise… okay fine… I’ll admit, I was complaining … and while I was at it, I’d brought up and was swirling … Continue reading

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Giving Me Permission

I take photos of things other than the sky; I do! But for now, I like taking sky photos best. So I let myself take them, as much as I want, whenever I want. It is my gift to me, … Continue reading

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There Is No Such Thing

I’m not broken enough anymore to believe I can fix me, by fixing what is broken in you. I’m not lost enough anymore to believe I’ll find my way by telling you how to head where I think you should … Continue reading

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Whole Enough

I am not whole in the way I view you to be. I cannot yet sit still and allow simply being to wash over me. Although I can, I do not like to stand on my own, isolated, uncomfortable, alone. … Continue reading

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POS-itive Sayings

“It’s hard to be satisfied with life if you’re not satisfied with yourself.” When you read it, it seems so simple, so true. Impossible to take action on, yet ridiculous if one doesn’t get its obvious message – quit being … Continue reading

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My Man In The Moon

What I felt when I took this photo is still with me when I look at it now. First thing in the morning, the sun was rising while the full moon was setting. The sunrise was beautiful to be sure, … Continue reading

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