The Rocks You Left Behind

This is one of my first iPhoto/YouTube videos. 🙂

These are the rocks you left behind on the land that we both loved. The ones you can see are hardened and cold and heavy. The ones you can’t are too.

(The song is Walk It Back by R.E.M.)

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2 Responses to The Rocks You Left Behind

  1. Rick says:

    So many foundations, so many dreams, hopes and goals. Some day, we should gather a pile of people, with stone working tools, sweat, and the will to come build things.
    A new dream.

    • cjromb says:

      What a beautiful sentiment. So many paths, now leading nowhere because they were never completed. Or are they the beginnings, and I can create the rest of my road. I am okay with how it is; I left the rock behind to find the sea, the mountain, the forest, and something other than a cold, cold heart.

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