My Need

My desire to be heard
does not exceed my need
to be treated with
in the face of
my vulnerability.

My willingness to accept your help
does not exceed my need
to be treated with
in the face of
my weakness.

My wish for reassurance
does not exceed my need
to sense your words
are filled with

My plea for forgiveness
does not exceed my need
to find mercy
as you release my failure
from your grudge.

My longing to share my life
does not exceed my need
to know you feel
for my struggles.

In my past life
I believed I would find love
if I walked my path
with openness and trust
even in the obvious absence of
being treated with
the most basic

But this is my new life
And I will not allow my
and longing,
nor my needs for
and forgiveness,
to be exceeded by my need
to be treated with

What I now know
is when I find
and empathy,
I’ve found
what I truly seek,
what I need;

~ cj 2011.08.29

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6 Responses to My Need

  1. jeffrey harris says:

    CJ, You already exhibit these traits. They are magnets to others that have compassion, grace, mercy, understanding and empathy.

    CJ, Another great piece. I like it a lot!

    • Rick says:

      Yes, what he said.

      Great articulation of a relationship.

      • cjromb says:

        Thanx Rick. It’s what I want in my new life. Too many times I accepted poor treatment because of my own vulnerabilities. Interesting that if I set my boundaries in a way that fills my needs, those vulnerabilities go away. That’s really the lesson for me.

    • cjromb says:

      You’re such a great friend. Thank you for reading and paying attention to me and my life. It’s a gift to me.

  2. cindy mccaa says:

    CJ: I do not know you, but you radiate, life, compassion, grace, mercy, forgiveness and love. I will in my daily meditations, include you, as you are a life force, one I am compelled to get to know. Never forget that you shine brightly amist all of life’s struggles and failures. What we think, we become. You shine.

    as always, thank you for sharing your heart with all of us out here with struggles and failures.

    • cjromb says:

      What a compassionate, gracious comment! 🙂 You don’t know me, but if you’re reading, you will soon enough. And I DO know that I still shine brightly in the midst of it all; hence the name of my blog: Glow In The Dark. 🙂

      Thank you so much for connecting with me. I’m genuinely looking forward to getting to know you better. 🙂

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