I was surprised to find
a hole left behind
where you just stood.

It’s not a deep one;
you were there
but a moment in my life.

I can bear it,
so I think I’ll sit a bit
and form a pearl
from what I learn.

I’ve grown nimble
and can quickly cover
the sandy grit
that lurks in here.

Shiny and pretty,
round and cool
in no time
that pearl
will be ready
to turn over
in my hand,
and soon
in my heart.

But for now
it’s a bit scratchy
down here in this hole
I’m surprised to find
left behind
where you stood
for just a moment
in my life.

~ cj 2012.02.01

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5 Responses to Pearl

  1. Kevin S says:

    A caring person finds they have given a piece of themselves to everyone they come in contact with. So yes when they are gone from your life it leaves a scratchy hole deep down inside. It sounds terrible from just that perspective. Yet it is not, it is a beautiful, for they also have left a part of themselves with you. The key is finding people that are beautiful on the inside to rub shoulders with, if even for a short time. So that what they leave with you is as good as what you freely gave them.
    Peace my friend 🙂

  2. John says:

    A beautiful poem, CJ.

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