Play For Just A Moment

I cannot walk by you
without giving in
to your open invitation
to touch you,
to play for just a moment.

And I cannot easily walk away
because I ache when we’re apart.

So here I am,
confessing to you
that in those moments of
expressing our passions
I am making recordings
of the love we’re creating together.

I share them
with others
when what you have given to me
feels too strong
to keep to myself.

But mostly I play them
for me,
and so many times,
inviting in memories each time
like the spirit of my old forever lover
who possesses the
intense possibility of
a becoming my brand new
lifelong friend.

I close my eyes
as I relive the beauty
of melting into and moving with you,
the only one who has a hope
of capturing
the untamed, winding soul of me.

Each time, I open up willingly
to you, and the memories,
welcoming them into my head
and nearly begging them to stay
wrapped up in the warmth of my heart.

I let the memories
captured in those recordings
still my longing hands,
soothe my aching need,
through those moments
when you are not near,
when I cannot give in
to your open invitation
to walk by and touch you,
to play for just a moment.

~ cj 2013.02.01

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  1. Steve says:

    Nice. 🙂

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