I would ache
if a day
slipped into night
without notice.

So here I stand
at the ready,
hoping I am
prepared enough
to bear witness for
if anything,

almost always,
I am delighted
by the sky’s
gifts of unique.

daily over,
I accept
that I will never
fully capture
the glory,
especially not
at days’ endings.

How can I,
when the world,
my whole world
so often
gets filled to the brim
with stunningly colored
delicious magnificence?

But I must try.
I am drawn,
from my core.

So here I am,
my eye to my lens,
patiently waiting,
determined to do
my humble best.

And then?
The sun!
There it is,
burning through
thick darkness,
a force of fiery,
a last moment
sneak appearance.

Unstoppable brilliance,
radiantly rallying
before it hunkers down
under a goodnight

As I capture
whatever I can,
my breath draws in sharply,
and I am filled again,
yet again,
forever again,
with the giddy wonder
of bearing witness to
such exquisite

~ cj 2015.05.21


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2 Responses to Witness

  1. Steven says:

    Nice poem CJ! Sounds just like ya.

    • cjromb says:

      Thank you Steve! I never feel like I can capture just how amazing it is to me, in words or in pictures. 🙂

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