I Am


Take Care,
he wrote.

I am,
I replied.

I am,
I thought.

starting now,
I hope
I am.

Then, I added
Thank you.

I added it
but I don’t know why.

Perhaps it will be
a final tip of the hat
to my heart killing habit
of pain-denial polite,
formed flawlessly
by a lifetime of
failing to
Take Care
of me.

from my heart
I did think

Thank you.

Thank You
to the hearts who do
Take Care
of mine

They carried me
to the moment when
he wrote

Take Care,

and I was
able to say
from my
finally healing heart

I am.

And from now on,
I will,
I must,
I am resolved to


Take Care
of who

I am.

~ cj 2014.08.15

Thank you Christine, Cynthia, Mary Jane and Amy for your care this week. It carried me through.

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