I Think You Knew


There you were, a curious spirit standing apart from the others, watching me.

When I noticed you, you came towards me immediately, bright eyes shining with hope.

We’d only just met, yet you chanced getting closer, wanting to catch my scent, wanting to trust I meant you no harm.

You tipped your head wondering, and then you leaned in, deciding to believe.

You made it easy to lean in too, and I couldn’t stop myself. I kissed your velvety sweetness and sighed. I stayed near, my eyes closed, my whole face grinning from breathing near you.

The two of us stood still in that sparkly sun moment, enjoying pure pleasure, learning each other.

I felt myself shimmer in all the best ways.

I knew, and I think you knew, too. There was nothing else I could do. I reached inside, and gently handed my heart to you.

I tipped my head with wonder at the curious spirits we both were, coming in close, full of bright hope, and trusting it was safe to fall in shimmery love.

After awhile, I had to turn from that sparkly sun moment. But my whole face kept grinning from breathing near you.

And I think you knew.

~ cj 2014.08.27

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2 Responses to I Think You Knew

  1. Jeff says:

    Thanks CJ!

    That is beautiful. I just swiped it to send to my sweetie, because it so perfectly captured the spirit of the first time we met. (I did leave out the horse picture though!)


  2. Steven says:

    That’s nice CJ. You should go visit your new friend again. Take more pics next time. Surely you didn’t take just one.

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