Leaving Limbo

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This was never Limbo to me,
and as my heart heals,
I discover the will to
refuse that
lie of a label
I let you use
far too long
to describe how
you left me
holding and hanging
while I painfully
tried to bend backwards.

But I see how refusing
to give it this label
or any other,
does not make
getting out from under it
less awkward and clumsy
or painfully real.

Whatever it was
I am leaving this game
even if I fall trying,
even if I move so slowly,
you hardly notice I’ve
cleared this,
until I’m finally
standing tall
on the other side of
your unbending bar.

~ cj 2014.11.26

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3 Responses to Leaving Limbo

  1. Steven says:

    That’s deep CJ. Nice music too!

  2. Steven says:


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