A bad dream
woke me this morning.

In it,
you announced,
without your
“hey there”
kind warmth,

“We need to talk.”

My fear froze me,
and my pounding heart
held me still
in a place
I never want to be,
to a stranger
dressed up as you.

The clouds that exploded
in the air behind your words
blackened my sky,
and struck with such
blinding force
that it threw
my whole being
helplessly forward,

bringing with it
the small miracle
of breaking my
fear frozen spell.

Once I was
the smallest bit free,
I fled to a place
where I hoped
this new stranger,
full of swirling words,
wouldn’t destroy
what remained of me.

That’s where I
found myself,
wrapped in the
broken-hearted morning
of dream-damaged awake,
a shaking survivor
of a violent fear storm.

~ cj 2015.07.12

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One Response to Storm

  1. Steven says:

    Glad it was just a dream. Nice poem though.

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