For You, Sweet Friend

Thank you for being part of my journey,
sweet friend.

I hope you find whatever you seek today,
as I dream for you always.

I wish you a memorable journey
of beautiful moments strung together
with smiles and love-filled hugs.

I beg you to take good care
of your head and your heart.
They will serve you well
if you can be open
to their lovely whisperings.

Thank you for everything you’ve taught me,
and for all the times you’ve been right here beside me.

It’s been a vital, unbelievably precious part of my life,
and our time together has been something I’ll never forget.

Love always,
~ cj. 2011.09.18

P.S. This isn’t goodbye, sweet friend. But life is short and I want you to know here and now how much you’ve meant to me, just in case we are never together again, and especially in case you don’t know how I feel.

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9 Responses to For You, Sweet Friend

  1. Anna Cummins says:

    My sweet friend CJ-

    This could not have come at a better time. Today I grieve. Today for the first time in three years, I am allowing myself to cry and allow the pain of her loss to surface. Today I needed you dear friend.

    Thank you for always showing us your heart, your soul and your mind. They are a perfect collaboration.

    • cjromb says:

      I love you, my sweet friend, Anna. You know I do.

    • cjromb says:

      Have you seen my poem Half A Life Later? I hope you’ll search for it and read. I wish I was where you are. I’d give you a big hug. Grieving will wash away the pain so let it flow girlfriend. I know it hurts, but your loss has made you a new, stronger person as well. And that’s a beautiful thing.

  2. Jeffrey Harris says:

    CJ, I like this piece of work. It sounded like a well wished parting but then the Post Script.

    • cjromb says:

      I’ve learned so very much in a hard, painful way, these past few weeks, about not being afraid to speak your heart. What a sad waste to hide what you feel because you’re afraid you will be hurt. In the end, if you don’t say, you will be hurt anyway.

      Life is short. As you’ve been seeing in my writing, I am determined to love my A$$ off. It will be worth the sometimes painful ride. And while I’m on the ride? The people on with me will know how I feel. I will not live in fear of a little pain.

    • cjromb says:

      Thanx for always reading, my sweet friend. I truly do cherish you.

  3. Karen Schertz says:

    I absolutely love this, and mostly because it’s exactly what I feel for you! You have no idea how much having you in my life has changed it for the better, in so many ways. I look forward to sharing the details with you when I get the chance.

    Hugs to you, my friend.

    • cjromb says:

      Wow. Just wow. 🙂 You have no idea how much having YOU for a friend has changed MY life. I’m definitely coming up that way this fall, and a visit in that direction will NOT be complete without meeting you two.

  4. kev says:

    Wow is all I can say. Your love and compassion is shining like beacon.

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