Bending Time

time moves so slowly
you barely see it pass
hardly a ripple visible
paddling softly
on a moment-filled glass lake.

time moves in river rapids
leaving you gulping for air
swirling helplessly
in the whitewater months
that threaten to drag you under
while bashing you
on the merciless rocks

time moves in waves
letting you ride high
even for years
giving you long view into the future
but then pulling you under unexpectedly
catching you unaware
and dragging you forcefully under
in its compelling current.

time bends simply around a corner.

And Always
no matter our momentary view
of its passing
glassy, rapidly swirling or
in waves we can’t control
time continues to pass
bending ceaselessly
around that corner
until one by one
moment by moment
alone or together with another
we simply can’t reach it anymore.

~ cj 2011.08.16

I wrote this morning about time. I’m not sure I like it. It may be more than one piece. It may be no piece at all. I don’t know how long or if I’ll leave it up. I hope you’re okay with me sharing it with you.
After thinking about it, I pulled the other piece out….but I’m leaving it below here….cuz it’s still about time.

Bending Time – Part II

We sat, you and I,
sipping coffee,
eating breakfast
in this corner booth
new to each other,
relishing a bended moment in time
but already knowing in our hearts
this would pass quickly.

While moments later
others sat sipping coffee,
eating breakfast
in that same time-bended corner
old, as familiar to each other
as they are to themselves,
knowing in their hearts
they won’t be here much longer,
wondering how it all went by so quickly

~ cj 2011.08.16

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7 Responses to Bending Time

  1. Karen Schertz says:

    I really like this. I can see why you might want to make it into more than one piece, but I truly hope you don’t get rid of it completely.

  2. Jeffrey Harris says:

    Thank you for sharing the piece(s)! I do like it. I would like to say that it does make sense that it feels like 2 stories comingled. But they are one complete thought from the moment. Nuff said. It’s still your work and I like it!

  3. Rick says:

    That could be 1 or many stories. But, the emotions are all tugged in any case. This piece starts out calm and then grabs your heart and slaps it. Nice work; serene, turbulent, inexorable and disturbing.

  4. cjromb says:

    I changed it some…I pulled out the obvious second piece and put it below the first one. But I don’t want them to be separate. They want to spend their “time” together.

  5. Pat Sykora says:

    I really like the parallelism in the second piece. The first is nice, but I think they are better alone. Glad you are back!

  6. David says:

    CJ, the first one seems to be for anyone….the second one maybe more for a couple.

    • cjromb says:

      That’s exactly what was going on. The second one WAS embedded in the first one, but I pulled it out. I think it belongs separately, too. 🙂 THANX for reading and commenting!

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