My Privilege

I heard Jacki Lyden on NPR say this to Dave Zirin yesterday:
“Dave, thank you so much for joining us.”

Dave said this back:
” My Privilege. Thank you.”

So different, isn’t it, from the usual ‘My Pleasure’?

‘My Privilege’ caught my attention. It made me smile.

It made me think about all the times others deserve to hear ‘My Privilege’ from me, when they show up in my life, when our moments intersect. They deserve to hear this, if we’ve intersected for awhile, only once in awhile, only once.

Hearing ‘My Privilege’ made me like Dave. It made me want to know him.

Most of all, it made me want my friends and loved ones to hear from me that it is My Privilege to know them. It is My Privilege that they have granted me mercy, given me answers, paid attention, spent their time, assisted me. It is My Privilege that they have shown me kindness, generosity, loyalty, patience, friendship, love.

Thank you, Dave, on NPR. It was My Privilege to have this intersecting moment, where I had the moving experience of witnessing your grace and respect.

~ cj 2013.09.16

Here’s a link to the story on NPR. It’s a piece on a large fine levied against one football player for hurting another football player on purpose. That football player didn’t treat the other player like it was His Privilege at all.

What a special piece of irony that this reporter’s interaction with the newscaster was so different from the fined football player’s interaction with the other football player.

For Rich NFL Players, Do Fines Matter? NPR

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  1. Steve says:

    Just remember CJ it’s a two way street. We get as much or more from you. It’s our privledge too. Thanks for making us smile at your pictures & the wonderful way you see the world.

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